25 Ways to Discover Good Blog Topics in Your Niche

Out of Good Blog Topic Ideas?

Every successful blog is built upon on a consistent flow of good blog topics to keep their content fresh and interesting, readers coming and returning, buzz happening, and income coming in (kerrrching!)

Without relevant topics to post about and interesting subjects to tackle, all those elements tend to dry up like a desert wasteland (cue tumbleweed)

BUT fear not! Blogger’s Alchemy is here with a fool proof set of questions to help you identify good (even great!) blog topics whenever you run out of ideas.

Ask yourself the following questions in relation to your niche, and you’re blogging cup will runneth over in no time at all…

25 Questions for Discovering Good Blog Topics

Each of these questions should be asked in relation to your niche, industry and blog topic.

As always the key source of good blog post ideas is what your target readership want to read about. Nail that and present it to them in an irresistable way (a little dose of SEO and a Great Headline is one good way to do that) and you’ll be well on your way to building a successful blog…

So consider your niche and ask yourself now:

  1. What’s new?
  2. What are your readers asking?
  3. What are they talking about on Twitter (or other Social Media)?
  4. What problems do your readership or target market face?
  5. Which tools or resources might help your readers?
  6. Where do your readers have either/or choices they could do with more info on?
  7. What concepts or activities need a better explanation?
  8. Which elements of your niche haven’t you addressed yet?
  9. Are there any current debates or discussions that you can build upon?
  10. What activities set the top players apart from the newbies?
  11. How can a beginner get started?
  12. Why are certain seemingly unrelated things important to your industry?
  13. What examples of success can you highlight and share lessonsfrom?
  14. Are there any changes on the horizon within your industry?
  15. Who or what would provide inspiration for your readers?
  16. Do any of your old blog posts need to be updated?
  17. What could you ask which might stimulate valuable discussion?
  18. Which search terms is your site being found for (use your analytics!)
  19. What does everyone assume but isn’t necessarily true?
  20. Are there any bad products or sites your readers should avoid?
  21. What mistakes do you see people consistently making?
  22. What’s worked for you, why, and how can you help others to repeat your successes?
  23. What mistakes have you made that your readers should avoid?
  24. Which relevant, targeted keywords can you rank for?
  25. Heck – What do you enjoy writing about?!
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