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Handy Tips for Speaker Placement in Your Home

Music is an essential element in the home. After a long day at work, one longs to sit and relax on the couch to unwind. Soothing background music can revitalize your spirit and motivate you for other activities.

How you place your in wall speakers determines the quality of music that seeps through your ears. If you are a home theater buff, you need music in almost every room to create an entertainment hub in your space. Here is a simple guide to help you in your project

 Floating shelves

Floating shelves are easy to install, versatile, and support any speaker. Survey your home and access the current setup. Then decide if you want wall-mounted speakers or floor subwoofers. Many speakers in the market incorporate bookshelf speakers and need strategic positioning for maximum output.

  • Sound reflection

Your ears collect sounds from the speaker and the reflections from the walls, ceiling, and other households. The higher the volume, the greater the sound reflection and the noise in a room.

  • Wire positioning

Sound and wires are terrific duos. If you are an old-fashioned sound die-hard, you may insist on high-quality cords and cables. Typically, hardwired lines give unmatched sound from the speakers. However, wires, cables, and threads can disorganize the room and shelves. You can take measurements for all the wires you need and consider the length when placing the speakers.

Placing the speakers too high can compromise the sound quality that reaches your ears. Therefore, position the speakers in relation to your ear level while seated or standing. The carpets and the couch can muffle sound output if the speakers are too low. Find the most appropriate height to place the wall speakers.

Home Office Sound

The study is the best room to place bookshelf speakers. Floor standing speakers also give excellent sound if strategically positioned on either side of the worktable.

You can have two speakers to enhance the stereo sound. Alternatively, you can install in-ceiling speakers in a small study room. However, bookshelf speakers are cost-effective and give superior output. You can creatively use floor-standing and bookshelf speakers to achieve unmatched sound quality.

 Bedroom stereo

You can have a TV in the master bedroom or install an in-ceiling or bookshelf speaker. Invest in two units to give you balance and quality feedback for refined sound. The in-ceiling speakers can go a few feet from the head of the bed and speakers on either side.

Strategically placed speakers give balanced sound because the output is equally distributed. It ensures clarity and adequate volume to soothe you to rest and sleep.

Kitchen sound

You need to be creative with kitchen sound. The kitchen is noisy with boiling pots, noisy appliances, and fans. It is also the room with the highest traffic in the home. Therefore, place two speakers on either side of the kitchen walls or the main counter. Alternatively, have in-ceiling speakers because they filter the noise from below. If the kitchen is large, you can add speakers for better sound.

You can create an entertainment hub in your home with these ideas. Invest in different  speakers, place them strategically and wear your dancing shoes for a jig!

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