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How to Use Add-On Insurance Covers to Save Your Car During the Monsoon?

The approaching monsoon rains may provide some relief from India’s oppressive heat. Also, most Indian people consider this season to be the most romantic one. However, vehicle owners, especially four-wheeler owners in India do not feel the same way, and there are reasons why they dislike the monsoon.

The Indian monsoons are a car owner’s worst nightmare. The terrible Mumbai rain in 2005 claimed 698 lives and destroyed 20,000 vehicles. Recently, the Chennai rain caused havoc on four-wheeler owners, smashing over 10,000 cars. Aside from severe rains and floods, inadequate or lack of preparation contributes to the unpleasant experience of driving in India during the monsoon.

Traffic delays, waterlogging, and possibly waterboarding in your car are just a few of the potential difficulties that might occur during the rainy season. Unfortunately, many car owners learn the hard way that their basic 4-wheeler car insurance policy doesn’t cover rain or other weather-related losses.

While comprehensive car insurance coverage would aid you in such instances, most car insurance policies only cover losses caused by accidents. These plans do not cover losses caused by force majeure, which refers to situations such as man-made and natural disasters. To be completely covered in these instances, it is vital to purchase add-on insurance for cars.

Why Do You Require Add-on Car Insurance Covers?

Because damages caused by careless driving aren’t covered by regular car insurance plans, you must obtain necessary add-on car insurance covers that offer protection against this sort of damage. You may simply prevent claim denials on your insurance plans if you have the correct combination of add-on coverage in car insurance.

So, what are the most important car insurance add-on covers you must consider for worry-free driving during the monsoon season? Well, here’s a list of the best insurance for car add-on covers that you must consider purchasing this monsoon.

  • Roadside Assistance Cover

Cars frequently become stuck while travelling through water-logged roadways. If you find yourself in this predicament, you will want towing services to retrieve your immovable vehicle. A roadside assistance add-on cover can offer you this service, as well as many other advantages. If you purchase this add-on coverage, you will no longer need to contact your insurer for assistance.

Furthermore, this four-wheeler insurance add-on cover offers a variety of other valuable services like alternative vehicle arrangements, lodging, flat tyre repair, battery jumpstart, and much more. These services would’ve cost you at least thousands of rupees, but you only need a few hundred rupees to purchase this add-on cover. As a result, it is another must-purchase car insurance add-on during the monsoon season.

  • Engine Protection Cover

Because the engine is the most expensive component of any car, you should prioritise having it protected. In the event of engine damage, an engine-protector add-on cover compensates you financially. Engine damage caused by water ingression is a common occurrence during the monsoon season, and this add-on cover offers much-needed protection against it. The engine-protector add-on cover also covers oil leaks and gearbox damage in addition to the engine. Engine-protector cover costs between ₹1,000 and ₹3,000, depending on the value of the covered vehicle.

Consider this: If you opt to invest a small sum in purchasing this add-on cover, you may save a significant amount of money on repairing or replacing damaged engines.

  • Bumper to Bumper Cover

Well, Bumper to Bumper car insurance cover provides total coverage for your vehicle regardless of the depreciation of its parts or components. It is often referred to as Zero Depreciation Cover. If your four-wheeler receives any damage or loss as a result of a mishap or an accident, the insurance provider will not subtract the amount of depreciation from the insurance coverage (excluding batteries and tyres). The best aspect about this coverage is that your four-wheeler insurance policy will cover every cost when it comes to replacing car body parts.

  • Flood Cover

Only comprehensive insurance plans, which are voluntary and not mandated by the law, like third-party insurance, will protect your car against flood damage. Mostly, insurance companies cover consequential loss, meaning if you have parked your car and flooding happens, damages caused to your car will be covered. However, if you intentionally drive your car through a flooded area and damage the engine, the insurance company will see it as an inconsequential loss and may reject the claim. In such cases, add-ons cover, like the engine protection cover, can help you out.


Natural disasters do not come with any notice. So, don’t let it eat away your savings. Four-wheelers do not find the monsoon season romantic at all; on the contrary, sudden showers irritate them. So, if you’re one of India’s million four-wheeler owners, you must assure that you will not lose any money by driving your covered car during the monsoon. A comprehensive car insurance policy is required for everybody, and the monsoon season needs additional protection in the form of add-ons. So, why wait since that monsoon season has arrived?

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