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Protecting Healthcare Workers from the Infectious Covid-19 Virus

Last year has seen a horrible scene, from the increased covid-19 rate, shortage of hospital beds, limited vaccines, and many more. This has made mankind aware of the fact that nothing is permanent and a storm comes unannounced. With a series of bad news and frustrations, there were various new inventions. While the general public was scared to step out of the home and numb in the wake of the crisis, health workers and scientists have paved many ways to limit the drastic effects. PPE kits were introduced long ago, but the general public and even a few of the staff had used it as a full-time uniform. With the increased infection rate, it was mandatory to find a way to treat the patients without risking many health workers. And hence the PPE kit was made mandatory for every staff member. From a receptionist to a surgeon, everyone was seen wearing one.

Personal protective equipment also known as pipe kits is a piece of specialized equipment or can say clothing. This is worn by the employees of various organizations to protect oneself from the infection. This kit was used by many health workers, office staff, and the person stepping out of the home. It is the most effective and efficient equipment that keeps oneself safe from outside infection.

Properties of the kit:


  • The components that constitute a kit are shoes, gloves, gowns, masks, eye protection, head covers, goggles, and face shields. These components are worn perfectly without missing a single one. It protects against any infectious virus, body fluids, and floating germs. This kit ensures that such infectious agents won’t enter the kit. Since the kit is made of a fine material that acts as a barrier to the infectious virus and the person wearing it. It provides a sense of safety to the health care workers. This kit has facilitated the healthcare workers to take care of the patients who are already infected by the virus.


  • This kit has acted as a savior, it is because of the kit that even the treatment was made possible of the infected people. It would be a massive risk to continue assisting the infected patients without the kit.


  • There are several PPE kits that are made disposable. This means that they do not possess a threat to the environment and are safe to use. This has proved as a major help in eliminating and reducing the contact and possible exposure to the virus in the form of droplets.



Many modifications are due to making the kit more reliable. The basic problems faced by today’s PPE kits are excessive fogging, sweating, suffocation, and fatigue. There are reports of facing breathlessness, pressure marks on the skin, nasal pain, etc are also reported. These are common issues that the healthcare workers are overcoming each day and continue to assist and help the infected patients. These drawbacks are overcome by making shifts for the healthcare workers so that they can rest and remove the PPE kit in some interval of time and also research is going on to improve the quality of the PPE kit.

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