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Romeo Had Juliet and Rocket League Has Bakkesmod

Every game has become overly popular nowadays. No one even bothers to play outdoor games and the games on their PC are becoming more and more interesting. Every new game and every new update related to their game gets them excited like nothing else. The one game that grew prominently was the Rocket League.

If you have heard of Rocket League, then you have also come across its training mod named bakkesmod.

Introduction On Rocket League

Rocket League is an online soccer game. But the twist in this game is that it is not played with just the foot, rather with vehicles. Each player has their own choice of vehicle to play with and the ball is passed from one vehicle to another. This twist in everyone’s soccer game is what made this famous.

The game has been in the industry since 2015 and its popularity only keeps growing. As you keep playing the game, there is one term you keep coming across. The training mod for it.

What Is Bakkesmod?

Bakkesmod is the training mod for the Rocket League game. It helps you in improving your controls and makes you have a higher-end at the game. It helps you with most of the control panel tools, making your every move better. Since the game is played on PCs and PlayStation, it is important to mention that the training mod is only available for PCs.

The main advantage of using this training support is that it allows you to customize your every move as you want. You can have greater control over your vehicle and therefore, the ball. It helps you in improving your gaming skills related to this game. This is why everyone keeps chanting about this training support.

How To Use Bakkesmod?

Using the mod is not difficult. But before knowing how to use it, you must know how to install it and attach the extension to your game. It is quite a simple process. Go to the official homepage. Once it is done, run the installer. Sometimes, windows will flag the application as suspicious and may send a security alert. But this is only for safety reasons and nothing to worry about. Load the installed one to Rocket League.

To start up the interface, press F2. A menu will appear with many options to choose from. Go throw every option available in that menu and then choose the one that you need during your game. Once that is done, you will see the interface giving you better control over your game. Another feature of the interface is that it also records the game for you. You can use it to improvise from the points where you lack.

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