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Why Do Computers Slow Down Over Time?

Nowadays everything is online. With the advent of technology, many things can be solved by staying at one’s desk with the help of Personal computers or laptops. Owning a PC can solve many issues but at the same time, those computers should be maintained in order to make them work for a long time.

Outer maintenance is okay but the software also has to be maintained with the help of pc maintenance software. After a few days, the computers tend to slow down and get hung on screens because of this excessive usage.

Reasons why a computer is running slow

There can be a lot of reasons why a computer is slow. Some of them include

  • There may be less memory in RAM which means Random access memory.
  • The device might be at the limit of its disk drive space
  • If there are too many background programs running on the computer that might eventually slow down the PC
  • If there are any viruses then the system will hang easily and rectify this issue. There are antivirus programs along with pc maintenance software.
  • If the latest version of an upgrade of windows is not installed then also the system appears to be slow.

Tips for making the computer fast

  • The first basic tip that anyone can try if the system appears to be slower than normal is restarting the computer.
  • If restarting looks like a big task they can try closing all the running applications and programs in the system before checking the restart option.
  • When the hard drive is full that can also cause the system to slow down. So in such cases, the hard drive has to be cleaned in order to make sure that there is at least 500 MB of disk space availability.
  • In order to do disk cleanup the basic step is to clear the recycle bin of the computer where all the deleted files are stored.
  • Delete all the temporary files and unwanted programs as they will unnecessarily run in the background and occupy more space than needed.
  • Make sure to try pc maintenance software which in turn helps in upgrading any system updates that can help in the smooth working of the system.

Some of the best PC cleaners available in market

There are many PC cleaners that are said to work for free available in the market but there is no guarantee that they work well. Some of the best PC cleaners or pc maintenance software that is available in the current market that can do their task well are listed here:

  1. Iolo System Mechanic
  2. Restoro
  3. IObit advanced system care that is free
  4. Piriform CCleaner
  5. Razer Cortex


PC maintenance tools are required for ensuring the smooth working of the computers. These tools help in troubleshooting and repairing PC systems properly periodically making it easy for the system to run without any major issues.

Many times as upgrades and updates take more time people tend to ignore them which in turn makes the computer hang or become extremely slow. So in such cases, they can update the system before going to bed or break time such that they don’t have to wait for that update to complete.

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