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A Guide to Introducing a Puppy into the Home

If you have decided to bring in a four-legged family member, there is much to consider. Assuming that you have thought carefully about what dog ownership entails and you are prepared to take on the long-term responsibility, your next step is to decide on a suitable breed of dog. As a general rule, the bigger the dog, the more exercise he will need, and if you have a young family, you should choose a breed of dog that is known to be good with children. The Labrador or Golden Retriever is always a favourite, while a Beagle is a medium sized dog that is also ideal for family life.

Breeder Vs Rescue Centre

There are many dog rescue centres in Australia, where many unfortunate dogs have been abandoned by owners who had not fully understood what raising a dog entails. Through no fault of their own, these dogs are faced with life in a dog rescue facility, and their only hope of a good life is if someone decides to adopt them. You are advised to visit a few dog rescue centres prior to seeking out a breeder, as there are many fine dogs just waiting for a second chance at a good life.

Things to Prepare

Prior to bringing the puppy home, you will need to acquire some essential items, namely:

  • Food & Water Bowl
  • Collar & Leash
  • Bedding

Other things that need to be decided include, his bed location, which should ideally be in the kitchen, and if you are looking for affordable Australian pet insurance, an online search will take you to an established provider who would have a range of policies. It does make sense to have at least some emergency treatment cover, and don’t forget to have the puppy vaccinated within the first 7 days of his arrival.

Puppy Training

Much like a baby, a puppy needs to know what can and cannot be done, so you and the family should sit down and work out a set of rules. It is important that every family member knows the rules and also how to deal with bad behaviour. Positive reinforcement is always the best approach, and keep some chewy treats at hand to reward him when he gets it right. With consistent behaviour, the puppy will soon understand what is required of him, and that would include taking him out for his daily walk.

Individual Personalities

While certain breeds do have traits, every dog had his own personality, and some are more stubborn than others. In the event you do have a stubborn dog, it is essential that you become the alpha dog (the leader of the pack) otherwise, controlling him will be an issue. There are lots of free online resources regarding puppy training, and a few hours of searching is sure to be beneficial. In the event you are finding it difficult, there are local dog training classes that you can enrol in.

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