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Efficient Nail Drug Test for Health Consciousness

Nails can also show evidence for the consumption of the drug. Just like body or hair, professionals conduct nail drug test also to determine the presence of drugs. A six-month history of such drug use can be evident from the fingernails. Moreover, the sample of toenails will give evidence up to a period of one year also.

Check out the ways to conduct such a test of nails for effective drug detection. It takes place for multiple reasons, according to the individuals. Therefore, professional advice is essential in such circumstances.

Methods for conducting nail drug tests

The donor collects the specimen of the nails in the presence of an authentic specimen collector. Furthermore, this sample is taken with the help of standard clippers for nails. The samples must qualify the sufficient weight percentage for an effective nail drug test. Therefore, the length for both the finger and the toenails must be about two or three millimeters. However, the professionals must not combine both these nails for one test.

Suitable solutions are there to help an individual get back to normal life. Moreover, such narcotics tests also take place on the orders of the police or medical practitioner. So, various reasons can be there behind such events.

Importance for such Drug Testing

Suspicion about the usage of drugs can lead to the respective tests. Generally, hair testing is a common way to detect the presence of drugs in the body. However, in the absence of sufficient hair, nails are the best way. If the exact time of drug consumption is unknown, nail testing can be very helpful.

For testing of hair, a person needs to have the required amount or length of hair. But such a condition is not there in the case of nails. In this case, weight criteria are more important. The nails growing around 2 to 3 millimeters above the nail bed will be enough to fulfill the criterion.

A reputed organization will use only the clippings for conducting the nail drug test. There is no fear of scrapings and damage to the nails. Moreover, this is an authentic process for the legal proceedings also. Therefore, in the case of strong evidence for drug consumption in the court of law, nails are the best solution.


The organizations conducting the drug tests maintain the confidentially of the client’s data. Hence, there are no worries about the leakage. As a result, the police find it quite effective in various cases. Apart from the government and attorneys, such tests are also conducted at the request of some other persons. They can be concerned parents, private organizations, or any other corporations.

The respective drug testing clinics can provide the results to the respective parties. However, anonymous testing also takes place in certain cases. If the donors are not from the same states, collecting the respective samples from the concerned places is now possible. In this era of fastness and digitization, drug testing involves advanced technologies. Pre appointments are recommendable for such tests. But it is not mandatory.

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