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Stop Expecting To Win, Start Living With The Believe – It’s More Fun

Life has often provided us opportunities and with that comes challenges and who has better knowledge about it than the College players. It is not unusual for them to suffer from stress, anxiety as there is always this feeling of uncertainty, academic challenges, and personal issues. Due to the expectations from their teammates, coaches,and other players; they tend to feel annoyed, frustrated and many a time found themselves in conflict with other persons.

Issue of Gambling

As per the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), stress level among players has increased at an alarming rate which is not only affecting their mental health but also leads to poor physical performance. So, NCAA has decided to pay more attention to them on the court as well as off the court. It can be considered a good start but it is not enough to reduce their increasing stress level.

Besides, there is a prevalent issue among players these days i.e. the issue of gambling and with the advancement in technology, internet-based sports betting has increased at an enormous rate. According to the European Gaming and Betting Association, online betting on sports contributes around 40% to the annual online gambling market of Europe. Some persons play small gambling i.e. they put a little amount at stake while others do it at a large scale, which leads to worst possible outcomes for them, their families as well as their society. Gambling depends on many factors like what is actually at stake; what are the odds of winning, and whether the person is mentally and physically skilled in it or not. It allows them to become a preference over the other persons, as per the study conducted by Prof. Danon.

Meditation-an effective practice

Nonetheless, Etzel et al. comes up with a solution and recommended the ‘Meditation’ practice which has been followed by eastern societies throughout the centuries. This practice includes non-diverted attention and acceptance of whatever an individual is feeling inside without any prior judgments, allowing them to increase their focus and improve their overall personality.

Betting in Soccer

One more study was conducted by Baltzell et al. on the gambling issue of soccer players. The soccer game was selected for the study because this game has a history of more than 100 years and can be traced back to Chinese civilization. It is one of the most famous sports among the children as well as adults all across the world and the betting industry of soccer games is more popular than the game itself. The whole betting industry was started with this popular game as the profits with this game were unimaginable.

Summing up

Thus, they need to understand that if there is anything, they can do to prevent themselves from getting addicted or from falling, is the belief they have or should have in themselves. The practice of meditation is only going to make that belief stronger but first, that faith is required. Websites such as https://100betz.com/soccer/  provide a platform for everyone who wants to place their bets on soccer and many other games, a bookmaker will tell you all the details you need to know.

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