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Blog Post Length – How Long Should A Blog Post Be?

How Long Should a Blog Post Be? Blog Post Length is an eternally open debate, there’s no final answer as to exactly how long a blog post should be. Thing is it’s a question we all have to answer along the way – blog posts vary from a single image all the way to the 3000 word […]

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5 Steps to Creating A Brilliant Blog Name

Creating A Brilliant Blog Name Is creating a blog name worth spending time on? What’s even in a name? Even if you’re not aspiring to build a blogging empire, the name you choose for your blog is a vital piece of the puzzle. Your blog name appears on every page, and is the summarization of […]


How to Find Your Blogging Voice Like an A-List Blogger

Sometimes, the best way to keep your blog visitors rests not in your content, but in your voice. In fact – almost always. Unless you provide the solutions and inspiration your readers are crawling up the walls to find, week in, week out, then you need something more than the plain ol’ facts… Thing is, no amount […]


25 Ways to Discover Good Blog Topics in Your Niche

Out of Good Blog Topic Ideas? Every successful blog is built upon on a consistent flow of good blog topics to keep their content fresh and interesting, readers coming and returning, buzz happening, and income coming in (kerrrching!) Without relevant topics to post about and interesting subjects to tackle, all those elements tend to dry up like a desert wasteland (cue tumbleweed) BUT […]


Where to Find Fantastic Free Pictures for Your Blog

Some bloggers wonder why there is even a question about where to find free pictures for blogs. Thins is, images add so much to a blog post, a picture really does say a thousand words – and it can bring in traffic too. Pictures can break text to make posts more readable, grab attention from […]